We are a multinational fashion brand, leader in Latin America and growing fast in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We offer the most sophisticated variety and technology in backpacks, briefcases, suitcases, handbags, clothes and accessories.

Our designs are made to satisfy and to adapt to our clients’ needs in an original, comfortable and dynamic way, always offering the highest quality standards.

All our products have the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, achieving in this way the fresh, casual and dynamic look that has made us the favourite lifestyle brand of urban travellers around the world.


Since 1992, when the Costa Rica franchise opened, until today, Totto has strived to internationalise the brand, aiming to be a global point of reference and a leader in the backpack, briefcase and suitcase market segment.

Today, we continue with this main objective and have consolidated the Totto brand in a total of 15 countries in the EMEA territory, and 20 in Latin America. Our main headquarters are in Bogotá and in Hong Kong.

In Spain, we have a distribution centre for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. From this centre, our international sales and marketing team offers support regarding any need our clients may have.

Today our presence extends throughout the following countries: Albania, Aruba, Bolivia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Slovenia, Spain, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Macedonia, Morocco, México, Montenegro, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Trinidad & Tobago, the United Kingdom and Venezuela


  • • We employ 3,000 people in Asia through our suppliers and 7,000 people through the rest of the countries in which we are present.
  • • In 2013, more than 12 million Totto units were sold.
  • • We ship more than 1,100 product containers per year.
  • • We supply our products to more than 5,000 retail stores.
  • • We have presence in more than 30 countries.
  • • In Latin America we are the most recognised backpack brand by the consumers.
  • • We have more than 500 Totto shops and we plan to reach 2016 with a total of 600 shops.
  • • More than 1,700,000 people follow us in our main Facebook page.



To be the leading organisation in a global marketplace in the development, production and selling of excellent quality products; to strengthen the Totto brand, mainly by promoting the comprehensive development of our personnel, our clients, collaborators and various stakeholders; and to achieve growth, profitability and solidity always hand in hand with social responsibility.


To be the most desired global brand by urban travellers.


Our developments and designs are made to satisfy and to adapt to our clients’ needs in an original, comfortable and dynamic way. In Totto we work with care and commitment towards each country in which we are present, taking on as fundamental values the following:

  • Innovation: We apply our resources to achieving our objectives, always looking for and finding new and better ways of doing things.
  • Loyalty: we are committed with our clients, collaborators, stakeholders, and with each country in which we are present.
  • Honesty: We are coherent, fair and consistent in what we think, do, say and feel, and we frame ourselves within the laws of our society.
  • Responsibility: We comply with our obligations with excellence from the beginning, and we make correct use of all resources.
  • Humility: We are respectful, kind, well-mannered and helpful.
  • Constancy: We are firm, persistent and resourceful in our actions.


In Totto we live Business Social Responsibility.

In Totto we have decided to implement a System of Social Responsibility Management, geared to spreading out, in our social surroundings, a culture of ethical and responsible management that is also sustainable through action plans that can be quantified.


For Totto, its employees and their families are the company’s engine and that is why it constantly implements wellbeing and advancement programs that seek to enable improved standards of living and to put smiles on the faces of beneficiaries.

In the same way, we channel those initiatives that allow our employees to further the dreams of poor Colombian families through corporate volunteering.


  • Campaign to help disaster survivors: With the help and social commitment of all our company’s employees.
  • Home building, in association with the “Un Techo para mi País” foundation.
  • Planting trees in association with “Fundación Natura”.
  • Various celebrations for the children of “Totto al Tablero” (Totto to the Blackboard).
  • Social Environmental Responsibility.


In Totto we are committed to education in the country.

Externally, our Social Responsibility policy is focused on the education of children and young people in Colombia from population groups that are at risk. We promote their inclusion and the development of their abilities through high impact social programs that effectively contribute to building up human capital and to overcoming poverty and inequality.


This is a program designed to complement formal education, and it is aimed at children and youngsters from communities that are socially and economically very vulnerable. It has been created under new guidelines ? both conceptually and with regards to methodology ?, to further a comprehensive and complementary education that is an addition to traditional schooling. It strengthens fundamental processes that all children should develop, since they are crucial for a successful insertion into the school and social context.


Thanks to the support of all its employees and to the social commitment of Totto, on Monday the 20th of December, 2010, Nalsani S.A. handed a donation for 200 million pesos to the program Colombia Humanitaria, which the government promotes. Through the Country’s first lady, the presidential strategy will reach thousands of victims of flooding throughout Colombia.

We express our gratitude to all the employees that joined in this campaign.


In Nalsani S.A.-Totto we have taken on from our early beginnings a social commitment designed to contribute to improving relations with our employees, clients, suppliers, the environment and society in general, all within the framework of meeting the 10 Principles of the Global Pact, the largest volunteer business network, which we joined in 2009. For that reason we have made a commitment to implement a Social Responsibility Management System that is geared to spreading in our social surroundings a culture of Ethical and Responsible Management, in a sustainable way, through action plans that can be quantified. Become familiar with our Good Governance Code and our Ethics Code.

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